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ka-oo and EU wire
Human implantable wire filament

They have insert into the body of their unwitting victims a weapon. This weapon's delivery package is a carbon or polymer based wire. This product is known as "2sa " wire, the two types are known as "Ka oo " wire phonetically (ka-oui), and "eu " wire phonetically (iou).

(Polymer defined: one molecule combined with other molecules to from a larger molecule).
In its original form it is a polymer, and it is close in size to a piece of mechanical pencil lead. Once the 2sa wire is inserted, and forms a loop inside the body a secondary process is quickly applied; Fe (iron) induced with heat (current)is applied to the insert wire. This causes the wire to shed all but a thin line of strychnine molecules, called Wynn, to fuse with the body. One molecule next to another in enough numbers to ensure the “properties” and "integrity" that are desired. At this point it is invisible to the naked eye. Now these strychnine based wynn loops that have been embedded in the body will act as a magnet for external wire. Horrifyingly this is FOR LIFE.

Red "film" lense (wine red), such as red automotive film, with hand held magnification, or a coin loupe will pick up silver external environmental wire.

Note: the whole electromagnetic spectrum, and importantly the following ions and molecules travel at the speed of light, which is 186,280 miles per second, or a click of the fingers time. Think of radio waves traveling between you and someone else and then back as you talk, or GPS (global positioning satellites) in your car.

The external wire hit with radio wave; will shoot a negative charged stream of ions mixed with other molecules, such as IC AH neurotransmitter straight up, bouncing off the ionosphere which is positively charged particles, and lastly a stream straight down toward the unwitting victims who has a positive charge, the unwitting victim’s positive charge causes the downward stream to bend, or jump toward the victim when it reaches the victim’s direct vicinity. The stream is absorbed or sucked into the unwitting victim’s body.
(The above is not HARRP, this subject can become very conspiratorial in nature causing the listener to immediately become disillusioned with your information. Although, it is the same scientific principle.)
As an example the ou wire is inserted at point 'A', next it is pushed and then felt for as it starts to move toward the skin or moves between mussels this is point 'B', and then on to point C, D, E, etc., this is true for both Ka-oo and eu wire. Ka-oo wire affects the human-being physiologically while eu wire functionality is more in line with Terahertz technology and allows the perpetrators to glean information. It is important to understand that it functions from the inside out or inside projecting out. This close proximity to the body of the victim yields a clarity of seeing the body hair on the victim’s body. Both are inserted in the internal organ and skull cavity of the body.

They can stab the victim with the ou wire in the stomach and pull it out the persons back. Ou wire in some form, regardless of what it was called, has been around since the 1950's. Our bodies are the evidence or proof. We do or we do not physiologically have these products in, on, or around us. With the right tone we demand answers; first, an efficient way of discerning if it is on or in our bodies, second locating the polymer or carbon based ou wire, third a way of removing as much functionality as possible.

The lack of information on this subject is very understandable when you become aware of the aggressive efforts to keep the information below the awareness threshold of society. I refer you to U.S. Supreme Court cases, and world highest level courts to give insight as to why there is very little information available on this subject: court cases link

The majority of the time, but not all the time we come in contact with external ou wire loops in the environment that energize the internal loops. There are an endless number of these loops, millions of miles, in our environments including our homes, that have been place there through the decades. The amount of energy needed to energize the ou wire loops is infinitesimally small.

Many victims hit a threshold in the environment, such as door and there is an immediate and recognizable effect. Very importantly we are walking over the external loops on a continual basis. Hitting the ou wire in the environment causes it to energize the internal ou wire in a very predictable way. They hit the external ou wire loops with an energy source from afar, which has an horrifying effect on the target individual.

An important note to the witnesses of their organization's demonstrations of their technologies on their victims.

Be aware the minimal, ankle and knee, movement is confirmation the victim lost immediate consciousness, as well as it confirms the states of consciousness. After the point when the victims dropped, fell unconscious, like they had a fatal heart attack and died before they hit the ground. And, some period of time later when they were brought back to full consciousness with no awareness. Victims only had ankle movement, moving toward consciousness the victim had partial knee movement, and finally moving toward full consciousness the victim had fuller knee movement. Many times at the point of fuller knee movement the perpetrators were running for the door.

When the victims lose consciousness those involved quickly move into to the victims surrounding. They then come in contact with the victim, man handling the victim typified by abrupt moving or movements that can be further typified by grabbing them under both arm pits and dragging the victim, and most often stripping the victim quickly of clothing. With it clearly stated the witnesses may have been brought in at different times, although these same facts hold.

These procedures and actions were performed in unconscious and semiconscious states. In a hospital setting, when patients are in this state, personal and their surroundings are deliberately kept quiet, due to the lasting effects of intentional or unintentional noise on the minds of the patients. This is in contrast to subjecting their unwitting victims to intentional taunting, mocking, embarrassment and egregious humiliation, fear, pain, and confusing statements and orders in this vulnerable state.

Importantly, this is the one aspect of the harm and hardship that is lifelong. The rationalization that the victims are not aware so they are not physically and psychologically harmed is invalid, and is as far from the truth as you can get. By design of their program, the brain, mind, and body are egregious affected in the most horrifying way, typified by the facts above, and further typified by the coordination of actions around the victims. The early clandestine sessions with the unwitting victims ensures that they are vulnerable from that point moving forward. A large part of this is inserting weapons and inflicting harm that ensures the victim is vulnerable and will fall unconsciousness instantly, from that moment forward. All the sessions in the early years are designed to make victims susceptible for life. Many of those who were involved in these early years are still involved decades later, and in communication with witnesses attempting to keep them quiet.