Those Wintnessing

Those witnessing Scientology's use of unwitting victims I want to convey the horror, pain, and suffering of being a victim.

Reiteration of the hospital analogy:
A parallel is in a hospital setting after an operation, when the patient flirts with the nurses, or does not remember a family member. Importantly, when patients are in a semi-conscious state, or comatose, people and their surroundings are deliberately kept quiet, because of the lasting effects of confusing noise, intentional or unintentional, on the minds of the patients. This is in contrast to Scientology subjecting victims to egregious humiliation, intentional taunting, molestation, rape, confusing statements and orders in this vulnerable state. Ripping the mind apart and ripping the psyche apart. This is just one aspect of the lifelong harm inflicted on the victim's brain, mind, and body.

The victims did not have their full faculties.
  • The victims could not stand and walk away, let alone run away.
  • The victims did not have the faculties to get out of harm’s way.

  • The unwitting victims were not able, nor did they have the faculties at any time, to:
  • walk up or down one flight of stairs, which they did the day before and the day after
  • negotiate one lock
  • negotiate a door knob,
  • get out a door
  • make their way to the sidewalk and yell for help, “Help me, please help me!”

  • When victims were seen they all tended to have the same limited faculties and stare, and all tended to be subjected to the same type of mistreatment.

    It is extremely important they gleefully and eagerly demonstrated that the victim would have no awareness. Their organization demonstrated the victim’s total lack of memory on a regular basis throughout the decades. It is also part of how they entice and recruit members. The zero awareness of the unwitting victim is demonstrated early on in a new recruit’s involvement. Although, these demonstrations are also an important way you can date and expose their involvement.

    Handlers, those in charge, are always around the victims while in this comatose state, those times when the victim will have no memory. An analogy in line with this is a patient in a post-operative state. Perhaps the patient flirted with the nurses, or they did not remember a family member, although when they got back to their hospital rooms and fully recovered, they had no recall of that time.

    Devoid of insurance concerns, could the patients: • Get up and walk under their own power from danger to safety • Walk up or down one flight of stairs • Negotiate one lock on a door • Turn the knob • Get out to the sidewalk • Yell for help, “Help me, please help me!”

    Handlers where also in charge of transporting the victims without their awareness from their homes to wherever their organization wanted their victims in the ‘comaoo’ state, this was from across town to across the country. Handlers also were the ones through the decades who eagerly demonstrated the unwitting victim’s total lack of ability to remember what had occurred after the most painful, humiliating, and embarrassing experiences. The victims were unaware that there was to be anything to do with those clandestinely invited. This is reinforced by the actions and behavior that the invitees were to engage in. From holding or waiting at a different location for an all-clear, to being involved in something that has victims so unwittingly vulnerable it would be dead-on accurate to use the analogy of witnessing a person under the influence of a date rape drug being hurt, humiliated, embarrassed, or even sexually molested. Today we know it was a device, or technologies, that achieved the observed behaviors or lack of behaviors.

    Regardless of where they clandestinely gained physical access to their unwitting victims, in public, the workplace, or at home, the comments from those who were witnesses would be in line with: “What is wrong with them?” “What did you do to this person?” “Why is this person not acting right?” or “What drug did you give this person?” The more you knew the victim, the more prevalent this attitude would be. Comments were also in line with the victim being in a lot of trouble moving forward due to the vulnerable state they are in, and the ability for things to go horrifically bad depending on who was involved at the time.

    While there were handlers within arm’s reach of the victims, there were props behind the victims to hold them upright, making it seem like the their legs moved and they took a step or two. The handlers were shoulder-to-shoulder with the victim, or font-to-back, close enough that clothing would touch. This was done while many witnesses were kept just far enough away not to interfere with any of the handler’s sleight-of-hand. There are countless witnesses to this behavior, for to two primary reasons. First, the perpetrators could no more envision the information highway than we could, nor could they predict how tech-savvy society would be today. Second, they knew the seriousness of what they were involved in and practiced demonstrations that minimized that gravity. Their organization utilized these demonstrations extensively through the decades, and this is why there are so many witnesses to them. These demonstrations were also used as a recruitment tool, and to isolate the victims. A large percentage of the time, the unwitting victims were place by the handlers upside down or contorted so their anuses or other orifices were revealed while a spectrum of people, from work colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to people the victim had never met, looked on.

    The orifices were now exposed and in view, and they had set up smaller penetration devices nearly touching the orifices of the victims. They then prompted those who were newer to their organization’s use of another human being, or an unwitting victim, to push the device into the body cavity of the victim, which was only the beginning. This was the next step in the onion analogy, or the next level of their organization. Now that they had participated, they were much less likely to say anything to the victim. It was a powerful deterrent. How could they ever tell the unwitting victim the gravity of what they had witnessed? In addition to prompting and encouragement from the handlers, the organization used the wolf pack mentality, they are all doing it, so should you. Extremely importantly, there WERE DEVICES that the victims’ bodies were put in. Have you ever seen a victim in this state, not only abused, but also put into devices? The devices were designed for human beings, and there were numerous devices. The size of their organization was, and the years of engaging in this behavior, explain not only the number of devices, but also the time to create devices with such functionality. Devices were designed very expertly to ensure the victim was in a comatose state of mind, without capacities or full faculties, they could not escape. For example, a victim is placed in the device and has a leg trapped. Statements made while the victim is in the device would be in line with, “Come on everybody, you could put a palm to the ground and push a leg laterally out of the restraint and escape.” This is based on the victim having full mental and physical capacity to accomplish the task of escape. How did the victim get into the device? Was the victim escorted by senior members of their organization before and after being placed in the device? How did the victim get to the location of these devices? Did the victim have the capacity and faculties as described above, such as the ability to stand, walk or run to safety, negotiate a lock on a door, open the door, walk outside and scream for help.

    Electric shock was an extremely common practice, and was used against the unwitting victims in three primary ways. First, and horrifyingly, to dislodge memory while in a comatose state and to effect the brain, making the victims significantly more vulnerable to being used. Second, many of the devices victims were placed in were designed to have the victims come in contact with electrical current, typically from nine-volt batteries. Those who witnessed this many times saw wires or leads in contact with the victim’s body, or entering the victim’s orifices. Third, electric shock was very commonly used as an integral part of the devices, ensuring that the victims moved in a predictable way or in response to coming into contact with the shock. Many times the devices appeared to function one way, although the device and the contact with the electric shock ensured that the victim’s body reacted in another way, making it seem as if the victim moved without assistance; again, the handlers were in very close proximity to the unwitting victims. They placed the victim in the device and often would hold and manipulate parts of the devices. There was a lot of sleight-of-hand.

    I do not know how much witnesses do or do not know, although what I want to do is allow a little leeway for those who are on the peripheral layers of their organization, or those that did not get into the lower layers of their organization. Many were horrified at what they witnessed, and they may have thought that if there is ever a chance to help, they would. Many others got very involved, and as they matured through the decades, they realized that the whole organization was acting in egregiously illegal, immoral, and unethical ways. Or they may have gotten wise to the financial zeroing out of all their organization’s members. Jonestown indoctrination is child’s play compared to the expert process of indoctrination of Scientology.

    The controllers, or epicenter, would in a very rehearsed way attempt to make a horrific situation seem less horrifying, even funny. The controllers as the authorities would set the tone. With their small group they ensured the atmosphere, the attitude toward unwitting victims, and the appropriate way of engaging the victims and others in the environment. As the victims were brought into the room or area with new recruits and other members of their organization, the controllers in a small, tightly coordinated group would begin to laugh, and act, as they had planned and practiced. This was while they inflicted suffering and harm, using the victims in a perverse, demeaning, and mocking way. The controller’s behavior of being in lockstep was demanded. This was their organization engaging in the wolf pack mentality, which is, they are all doing it, so should you. The situation was staged and initiated by the controllers, who decided what was funny. This is their organization’s attempt to minimize their clandestine involvement with victims, and the use of other human beings who will have no memory. If it was more than a quick demonstration, before the victim emerged, escorted by the handlers, in front of those who were clandestinely invited by the handlers, they would precondition the unwitting victims with electric shock, exhaustion, pain, and confusion.

    To reiterate, as part of their organization’s routine, they would go out of their way to demonstrate that the victims would not have any recall of the time they were in this comatose state, or post-operative state. Those witnessing these incidents were also instructed not to tell the victims anything. A litmus test for a common, intelligent citizen is again a good gauge for the following statements. What was the purpose of what they were doing with the unwitting victims? And what was the purpose having you present and witnessing? What was the penalty for stating something publicly or to the victim? How heavily recruited were you before this type of encounter?

    When you are affecting the brain, mind, and body, there are untold symptoms, and side effects.

    I am grossly effected by what they employ: I have to work through the pain, agony, horror, and suffering from what they have done every day. The suffering is from both the cumulative effects, and the effects of what they are employing at the moment. We know today that what their organization did was to ensure the vulnerability of unwitting victims moving forward. This vulnerability included being immeasurably more susceptible to what they employ from afar. And we know today they are as active in the same behaviors as they have been through the decades, albeit including newer, younger, victims. I have been in so much pain from what they employ that I have had to move from one coffee shop to another to stay out of the crosshairs of being a stationary target while they could employ fixed assets.