Proprietary rights
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Proprietary rights Canyon analogy.
There is a canyon, with a legal, ethical, and moral side and an illegal, unethical, immoral side. You cannot slip or blunder and end up on the illegal side. It takes multiple willful acts to get to the illegal side. I would argue that it doesn’t take that many willful acts, although it takes multiple ones. Wrong doing is the reason my words, thoughts, and ideas are anywhere but solely in my possession. They resonated to the legal side of the canyon, due to how positively received they were.
President Clinton Speaking in the White House, duration 1:40 Sole Subject Human Experimentation - link

U.S. Senator Glenn. U.S. Senate Transcript January 22nd 1997 page 67 column 3 addrsesing Human Experimentation

Courageousness of these positions or we would know that much less.
Most of us have zero tolerance for human experimentation, but I have a personal paper trail of human experimentation, the use of another human being against their will and knowledge.

My projects: my words thoughts and ideas.
They are attempting to steal my proprietary rights. They have sudden immense worth, or valuation, it not only came from me it came from several projects. There is zero probability this vast monetary worth suddenly appeared overnight and they never: patented or copyrighted; sought recognition, compensation, or funding; released anything to the press wire services, or published anything.

The people involved lived a very minimal existence through the decades. Suddenly there are “tens or hundreds of millions of dollars” in these individual members’ and their organizations’ possession. There is no history of these types of behaviors, let alone inventiveness. A few lived middle-class lives, although they also showed the same out-of-character influxes of very large amounts of income with no history of this type of behavior. What is at hand is the recklessness of their organization’s known clandestine involvement in their victims’ lives and the criminal “culture” of their organization, as supported above by court cases. They present clandestinely obtained proprietary information and projects with the intent of engaging in whatever deceitful and fraudulent tactics are needed to lay a foundation so they can benefit from the stolen proprietary rights. This is all done without the victims’ knowledge. They aggressively attempt to proprietarily weaken as well as personally weaken. Understand that they started with nothing and now have those pennies on a dollar.

It is very noticeable and memorable when they attempt to weaken in an attempt to show little value. They present it as weakened, they then can bring it back slightly modified or sell it piecemeal. Second, the unwitting victims who are clandestinely weakened, proprietarily and personally, with a degree of probability will be left with little or no credibility due to what was clandestinely presented. Additionally if people in esteemed positions, such as CEOs, financial executives, or government officials, are taken in by this deceit and make negative comments in a group setting, the weakening can have a catastrophic effect moving forward. This is in contrast to having what is being presented viewed as sound business: thinking, plans, proposals and frameworks that are strengthened, not weakened. Another way they proprietarily weaken is they hijack the communication channel, and what they present is done in a deceitful way. They present the information in a way that creates a lack of confidence, or what will garner desired decisions and responses.

Who they are is as concerning as what abilities they have. And their affiliation with Scientology is outright alarming. Taking over the National Weather Service is an example of this, and is an important piece of information about how they accomplish targeting individuals. A noticeable behavior is when they are controlling the information flow you will hear them chime in with one-line barbs in their attempts to run the discussion aground.

As importantly I am an MK victim and survivor. As I have shown, today their organization’s illegal, unethical, immoral behavior is known. And, today their organization’s all-encompassing clandestine activity in the unwitting victims’ lives, and community is known. Their involvement in the community and victims’ lives is further revealed when their organization activity in the slander and discrediting machine is brought to light. Which is yet another way they accomplish weakening the person or idea is the slander mechanism, which is a well-rehearsed piece of their organization’s program, and is also a known part of their day-to-day operations.

To further demonstrate how gross the involvement in an unwitting victim’s life is, once they put their product in, on, or around them, they know things like how many times I have urinated through the decades and how many times I have rolled over in my sleep. These are things neither I nor my loved ones would know. It is the recklessness because they think that they cannot get caught that sucks in more officials and members of the community. Horrifyingly, with the technologies they have employed through the decades, they know literally every word and activity in their victims’ lives. They have been willing to comment on my words, thoughts, and ideas from the most intimate parts of my life.

Their organization has demonstrated their ability to employ technologies that affect another human being without the unwitting victim’s awareness. Without the victims’ awareness, they moved the victims around towns and around the country. There is awareness and involvement in MK within local law enforcement, many departments had officers doing it in the station house.

They perpetually attempt to hide their involvement in the community. Why is their less- than-one-sided, violent view the only view heard? Person A takes person B, and then B hides behind A (an official). It is obvious deceit. It is a shell game that unravels upon very light scrutiny. Why is there an association with organized crime? Importantly, were the technologies employed government-issued when they got involved? DO NOT FORGET THE GRAVITY OF WHAT IS AT STAKE, THE USE OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WITHOUT THEIR WILL OR KNOWLEDGE. This could not be done to a condemned man going to the gallows. This lack of professionalism is rarely seen. Your first instinct may be to support your profession by blindly supporting the professionals involved, but that is dead wrong. This is how they get A behind B covered with a few layers.

Why, how, and how long have they been privy to my intimate information, with it clearly stated that they play the A, B shell game. They say, “Oh, come on, they been involved for only a short time,” although the ones they hide or hide behind, or are coordinating with, were involved for many years, and decades. I use the following example to demonstrate this point. Why are they disseminating anything from my life?

They stole my life. Another life filled with pain, horror, agony, and perpetual clandestine involvement. The perpetual; breaking and entering, stealing, tampering, denying of the same goods and services, approaching contractors, perpetual breaking and tampering of household infrastructure, clandestine dogging in the community the majority of victims do not know, and suffering the physiological effects day after year after decade.

The mail box example.
They have intercepted my mail and parcels through the years rendering the contents altered, inoperable, or malfunctioning. Another example would be perpetual thefts throughout a victim’s life. When there is scrutiny or potential scrutiny on their illegal, unethical, and immoral behavior, which many times dates back multiple decades, they want to get a cover for their individual behavior and organization. They go to a judge, with their less-than-one-sided view being the only view heard, and ask for permission to act the same way they have been up to this point, or before there was any scrutiny. Many times you will hear “Can you make it retroactive?” First, if they told the judge the truth, they would have been thrown out of his office, if not arrested. This less-than-one-sided view, as the only view heard, has yielded them much more than you would think at first glance. I refer you back to the U.S. Supreme Court decision above. Second, how can this retroactive “thing” have been remotely considered?

  • Human experimentation is what is at stake, or the use of another human being against their will and knowledge.
  • The excuses for clandestine involvement in the unwitting victims’ lives come and go as quickly as the last excuses came and went.
  • You are on top of me, I am not on top of you.
  • My question to you is how do you explain the involvement with organized crime?
  • You are countering me as soon as I state a sentence.
  • I have complained about them through the decades.
  • Why would anyone I accuse and complain about be in any way, shape, or form involved in my life, let alone in the most intimate parts?
  • These are violent people, and it’s horrifying how they got themselves into position in society.
  • Is what is employed, as well how they glean information, government-issued?
  • When you got involved, why did you get involved? How did you get involved?
  • I am complaining about you, you indignant bastard, how can you have the gall to be involved, let alone use the excuses above?
  • You put victims in contact with what causes death.
  • Your only answer is to violently come after us, destroy our support, throw witnesses off course, slander, and publicly and semi-publicly reveal the most intimate parts of our lives. The damage is done, especially when their less-than-one-sided view has had an impact on witnesses, potential witnesses, and, importantly, given professionals’ ability to hide their behavior.
  • What is employed inflicts harm on us, their unwitting victims, which is complained about.
  • Why do you care what I am doing? Especially, in such intimate parts of my life. Why do you care in anyway about me or my life?

  • The philosophy that those in position have, often found at the highest levels, is they have to continue to act unconstitutionally, if they do not the citizens will find out. If they say anything the citizens would be outraged, and they could revolt. We are the constitutionalists, and we are flying the fifty stars and thirteen stripes. We need to get back to the constitution as the guiding light. Their ability to be this far off track through the many years is the only way you can rationalize statements such as “Oh it is only the Jews,” or some other supper minority block, defined here as less than five percent.

    Part of the MK program are policies, and standing orders, to go after those who lead efforts to; draw attention to and cause potential scrutiny on the MK program, the gravity of the harm and hardship inflicted on the victims’, or the targeting of Jews and the Jewish population distress. This is ESPECIALLY the case for those who attempt to mass against MK. Their plans include directives to kidnap or kill the leaders. Although, a bit messier is to bring false charges against the leadership, which is in line with kid napping. My work and my efforts are public and my stance against MK as well Scientology are well-known. Typified as complaints lodged at: fusion centers, U.S Senate and U.S. House, many newspapers, state representatives, TV, radio, and in many other outspoken ways. I know more about their organization than many of their members.