Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement A lot of police departments know at the command level that MK exists, and a lot of police departments had officers engaging in MK in the stations. Often these actions by some officers were not sanctioned, although suspicion, clues, and confirmation were met with a blind eye, even though its existence in the communities was unquestioned. If they do not know, the state law enforcement command structure or another municipality will be aware. If an officer of the law within a department asks a commanding officer about MK, it is highly probable they will quickly get a response along the lines of “We do not talk about it.” If they are pressed, they will state “they” said we do not have to disclose it” which referenced a body that never has public hearings and acts clandestinely. This attitude has opened the door for something this far across legal, ethical, and moral boundaries, and, more important, without any checks and balances, to have found its way into the four corners of our country, if it is not hiding within the departments themselves.

The point that needs to be made is a desire not to lock horns with law enforcement officials. Although, denying for your convenience your involvement with this vile organization and the MK program demonstrates how aware you are and how willful your actions, activities, and suppression of the victims are. I urge you to remember the Supreme Court cases presented and how their organization is into everything. If an organization is this far across the lines, their day-to-day activities will be just as far across the lines, so thick you would be able to cut it with a knife. No one is happier than the men and women in blue to purge this from their departments. There is nothing too low or dastardly for them. Today, as well as through the years, the severity of the harm and hardship that was inflicted on the targeted individuals is well-known. How can you justify leaving these poor souls to their own demise.

Most professionals and non-professionals who were aware or witnessed the use of another breathing, warm-blooded human-being without their will, knowledge, or desire, internalize and rationalize the use of another person. This is true as well for the harms and hardships that are the result of their actions and the MK program. There are some major problems with rationalizing this behavior. The first is the affiliation with an organized criminal organization, as documented above. The second is that the perpetrator’s less-than-one-sided view is the only view heard. This allows the unquestioned adoption of statements used by law enforcement, such as “It is not that bad,” “The numbers are small so do not worry about it,” which is the opposite of what we know today. Last, anything this far across legal, ethical, and moral lines, without any checks and balances, would have found its way into the four corners of our country, which it has. The unwitting victims are boys, girls, young men and women, and older men and women, all of whom were used without their consent or knowledge, and they were caused the most egregious harm and hardship. We can never forget the fact that there are unwitting victims. In response to the paragraph above, you may hear denials, although the response to these attempts at denial is the statement that the PROOF is our bodies. Also, the segment of the population targeted in very discernible ways is showing distress.

It is important to reiterate that: Permanent harm was done to the brain, mind, and body, such as the analogy of being in the hospital after an operation, and the testicle symptoms. Also, it is important never to forget 1955 to 1987, all siblings no children, and then households with a "breader" or the children with children. If Jews assimilated, they would mirror the assimilated population.

Upon any investigation or potential scrutiny of their organization’s behavior, their member’s immediate reactions becomes very obvious when you have an awareness foundation. They will attempt to take charge of everything possible pertaining to Scientology and run it aground. This includes attempting to access physical files and any investigatory efforts. Scientology will be instructing members and leveraging everything that presents itself. This is the backbone of how they function and operate in society.

The harm is lifelong when they put the wire in the victim. I will not list a more in-depth list of harms and hardships or symptoms horrifyingly suffered through the years by unwitting victims. It is more important to take the time to build an awareness foundation so we can level complaints on this foundation. Today we know that the number of their targeted individuals is staggering. The following is a shortened list of crimes that the victims are force to endure. Murder, kid nap, perpetual breaking and entering and stealing, decades of 24/7 surveillance, rape, child molestation, abuse, harm, hardship, medical procedures without training, perpetual slander and etc. etc.

Those engaged have the crimes perpetrated against their victims looked at differently from how the rest of society’s complaints are looked at. The excuses made by law enforcement are simply nauseating: They do not talk about it; you do not want to know what happened to you (but in order to say the victim does not want to know, you would have to know); it must not be that bad; and there must not be that many. Their organization is heavily involved in ensuring this view, by ensuring their less than one sided view the only view heard. How can you possibly justify one unwitting victim??? When there is scrutiny, you hear them attempt to derail it with their practiced and well-rehearsed, “let’s sit down and talk,” “no, let’s talk,” “let’s sit down and talk.”

In the worst-case scenario, your department knows it’s going on. They know what the perpetrators are involved in, they know MK is happening in the community and exactly when things are in motion. They know who the victims are, and what households they are attacking. As well as detail such as when they are en route to the victims’ homes. As hard-hitting as this sentence is, it needs to be stated: Far too many departments have directly or indirectly turned a blind eye to participation by officers of the law.
The victim falls unconscious, like they had a fatal heart attack, and they regain consciousness without any awareness of falling unconscious, how long they were unconscious, or any loss of time.
For professionals and non-professionals alike once they can get them this involved in their organization they can be blackmailed and strong-armed. Scientology is known to leverage anything they can, and this is severe.

As I prepare in the most intimate parts of my life, using my digital recorder or using the written word, their organization’s clandestine involvement in their victim’s lives enables them to derail any scrutiny or potential investigation of their organization. In a very literal sense, as soon as we develop our thoughts and words, they are not only privy to them they immediately begin to counter them. It cannot be forgotten that through the decades the surveillance has gone on 24/7, due in part to the 2LA_SA . (My notes excuse on top of excuse, same house for fifteen years, leverage pt) We are countered long before we have any chance of lodging our complaints and asking for support. They are burning the bridges of support that we seek or forge, and very often those bridges are undermined and burnt long before we even know we need to cross them. They will “clandestinely” glean information, and then perpetually, as part of their covering mechanism, present sentences out of context and insert words and meaning that ensure an outcome to their liking. At this point they will attempt to get others, especially professionals, to make statements in line with the bad information flow. Once someone bites on the bad information and makes a statement, they were waiting for; they ensure that the person and statement are temporarily front and center. This statement serves as a cover that they can hide behind, derailing scrutiny of their organizational and personal behavior, and importantly, the harm inflicted on other individuals. Their organization is practiced and expert at supplying bad information and garnering desired decisions and responses. This is a key to how they function and operate.

What professional would make comment about a person that they have never met, counselled, faxed, emailed, or spoken with? What sick demented bastard would allow themselves to stoop so low as to make comments or a diagnosis that those they are affiliated with could hide behind? How, where, and why were they privy to the information to begin with? This serves as a shield for those that they are involved with, something that will conceal what they are engaged in. It not only gives them a cover, it egregiously besmirches the unwitting victims in the community, throws back witnesses and potential witnesses, and gives them leverage to continue to act unethically, immorally, and illegally. This is just the beginning of preventing legitimate concerns from being legitimately responded to.

A very simplified example would be if they caused someone to get sick to their stomach, and they then clandestinely obtained and presented evidence of them eating a whole bag of potato chips. A doctor could state that is not healthy and they could get sick. They were in wait for this statement, and the mechanism for using it becomes identifiable as the organization engages in that behavior. The person making the statement is front and center, which gives the organization a smoke screen to hide behind. The getting sick cover provides a simplified example of what they are doing when their aggressive attempts to cover are more involved. Note that they would have had to clandestinely obtain what they presented, and be engaged in revealing the information. These two things, especially the presenting of the information, is integral to the inner functioning of their organization. This is so clandestinely done that it becomes one of their biggest vulnerabilities. Also important is how they obtain the information they are presenting. Two other points are just as revealing and problematic for their organization. First, where their organization has found footholds, they are able to block, edit, and filter information to our departments, agencies, and branches. This ensures outcomes and the ability to derail any potential for scrutiny. Second, who is behind the presenting of the information is as problematic as what they are engaged in. Those engaged through the years on a day-to-day basis are derelict . They have been fixtures in these unauthorized positions through the decades. This only typifies how they use clandestine involvement to counter their victims.

Of urgent importance is that they are disseminating the most intimate parts of our lives to adversaries, colleague, friends, old girlfriends, business competitors, and the community in the most slanderous way, and this is done over time. We have an expected right to privacy in our homes and cars, I will leave the “legalese” to professionals. What I want to emphasize is that when it comes to MK and those of us who have become aware, there are no laws and no holds barred in their attempts to run the scrutiny on their organization aground, as well in their attempts to stop us from getting away from their involvement to get independent help.

Exposure of this real time, at the moment, involvement in the victims lives exposes them in a multitude of ways, such as; The clandestine involvement in every aspect of the victims lives, The use of these technologies in real time, The countering of their victims, And most importantly it dates them doing exactly these things through the years which they deny when attempting to silicate new covers.

This is another pieces of the puzzle that when it is desired will come together to form a fuller and fuller picture, verses just a fragment that they are presenting to rationalize a current behavior. One drop outside the time box they paint themselves in when they are presenting their fragmented less than one sided view and it needs to be called what it is. And, that begins with the most egregious crimes, the use of another human-being against their will and knowledge. When there is any involvement, outside, the time box they paint themselves into we must always remember there is death in their wake.

They are reckless in the attempts to cover, and part of the covering is the suppression of their victims in every aspect of our lives, including violently suppressing us IN OUR OWN HOMES. I complained through the decades about them, their violent acts, and the suppression of victims and information. As well as the affiliation with organized crime. Reiterating the AB analogy; Person ‘A’ takes person ‘B’ and then ‘B’ hides behind ‘A’. The timeline of their involvement damns them, and it is who they are ‘affiliated with’ that damns them. Was it government issued technologies, or at any time did you have organized crime technology employed. Where did the money come from for those technologies that were, or were not government issued, especially at the beginning of the current involvement.

In addition I have complained and accused them through the many years of wrong doing, and the organization they are affiliated with of wrong doing. I complained about the violence and covering. Many police departments were doing it in the station houses MK HOW DARE YOU engage in blatantly covering by mocking us in real time from the most intimate parts of our live as we prepare to stand against you. DEATH IN THEIR WAKE. Did they attempt to minimize with a lesser technology, when they attempt to cover in this way what they presented does not correspond to the technology or its capabilities.