Gravity of the harm inflicted on unwitting victims

Scientology criminal history of organized crime and the Jewish population problem They are brazen in their desire to demonstrate the technologies and their effects on other human beings. They are well aware that they are egregiously and adversely affecting the brain, mind, and body. Victims lose consciousness; when they regain consciousness, they have no memory of the time they were unconscious and semi-conscious. A parallel is in a hospital setting after an operation, when the patient flirts with the nurses, or does not remember a family member. Importantly, when patients are in a semi-conscious state, or comatose, people and their surroundings are deliberately kept quiet, because of the lasting effects of confusing noise, intentional or unintentional, on the minds of the patients. This is in contrast to Scientology subjecting victims to egregious humiliation, intentional taunting, molestation, rape, confusing statements and orders in this vulnerable state. Importantly, this is just one aspect of the lifelong harm and hardship.

They have a recklessness toward another human beings that is seldom seen. They inflict harm to the brain, mind, and body. This is further typified by cutting, chemical castration, and chemically altering the testicles, and ripping the mind apart, as described above. The Scrotum is pulled up like a piece of elastic. Check the shape and orientation of the testicle and the vas deferens (the tube that connects to the testicle). Check them all they up. Many victims have had them cut off and reattached reversed, or replaced with someone else’s chemically castrated testicle.

Their organization’s unwitting victims, called targeted individuals, are caused harm and hardship from the time they are selected. The members of the organization are trained to inflict harm and hardship, and do this without any medical training. They were out in public preforming medical procedures. The instruction they had was how to inflict the egregious harm and hardship. Through the many years, they gleefully boasted about and wanted to demonstrate the clandestine use of the victims and their technology. These are the members of the organization who are at the epicenter.

There is a lead group from the epi-center, who are the ones in charge of the unwitting victims. They are in charge of the procedures, devices and techniques, and the harm inflicted. They are presenting their victims when the victims are without their full faculties and in a vulnerable state. They direct and present their abilities to clandestinely effect other human beings.

Those who are further out from the center of onion have witnessed a lot of the use of the victim without their knowledge. They have a wealth of information. We need to find a way to create warmth and open up a communication channel. Maybe they have matured over the years. Only now realizing how wrong we were and far across the lines their organization was. Today as they see a young person they may realize how young we were and how adult driven it was and is.

They were well aware of the gravity of the harm and hardship they were inflicting. This is reinforced by the time frame of repeatedly accessing the victims, which can be measured in years. Not only is the harm and hardship inflicted lifelong, but once they put the Koo oo (ka-ou) and EU (oui) wire in or on us, it cannot be removed.

• The key is to ensure that the victims do not become aware. If a victim does become aware, their organization and members from the beginning were well prepared to kill the victim.

• The point is to inflict pain and cause distress, cause permanent harm, and decrease the population. Many of their members on the outer layers of the onion rationalized it in the following ways, look at how harmed the victim is anyway, or they are going to cause exponentially more harm what’s the difference if they only do this little bit.

Isolating the victim and recruting around the victim

Slandering the victim