Scientology and how they recruit and indoctrinate

Scientology criminal history of organized crime and the Jewish population problem The onion analogy is again pertinent. From the outer layers of the onion, which represent the beginning point for the new recruit, violence is at hand, albeit in a more subtle form at the beginning. One of these early demonstrations is having the new recruit witness a cadaver or dummy being shot, ensuring they realize that, moving forward, there are penalties for going against the organization’s wishes. In the excitement of the moment that is falsely built up they are asked after the mock shooting, “Are you sure you want to move forward?” At this point, those escorting the new member lead them over the violence threshold of the organization, or to the next level. One level at a time, or layers of the onion, with small increases in the indoctrination process and the corresponding violence factor. The indoctrination process is the best that money, technology, science, and time can bring to bear. This indoctrination process is carried out with an expertise second to none and with modern technologies. This process is catastrophic for the cult members. Scientology is a cult that is engaged in organized criminal activity documented in the court cases above.

Again half the countries in the world consider it a cult:

Scientology’s philosophy, starting in the sixties, was to clandestinely infiltrate or take over whatever they could with the intent of getting a foothold for their organization’s agenda and members. This is done with the full breadth of crimes that are typified by the decision in U.S. v. Heldt above. They were not welcome and they concealed their organization’s involvement. This process of infiltrating and using what they can for their cult needs and MK are part of their doctrine.

NASA and the National Weather Service are two prime examples of where decades of Scientology’s efforts to infiltrate departments and control outcomes can be found. When they took over the National Weather Service facilities, as well as other facilities, it was with the intent of clandestinely carrying out their agenda. Also, importantly it gave their organization the ability to ensure that their less-than-one -sided view is the only view heard, which ensured they could feed and filter information as needed to departments, agencies, and branches. With the information flow tainted to controlled they can control decisions and outcomes. With an iron fist they controlled information and decisions making when it pertained to Scientology. Having this ability gave them the ability to prevent scrutiny of their illegal activities, and it provided the main locations for hiding their involvement in controlling outcomes within our government processes.

As an organization, they have two main ways of controlling outcomes within organization’s they infiltrated. First, they work aggressively at garnering rogue footholds within organizations so they can ensure outcomes; for example, they scramble to gain access to, get involved in, or take charge of anything to do with Scientology. Second, is a clearly different tactic of theirs is they are known to segregate their members from individuals who are involved officially and have no ulterior motives. In the segregated situation it may have been restructured Scientology’s way for so long it is viewed as the new normal.

Much of their agenda is driven by MK, which is the name of the clandestine program that targets individuals and aggressively goes after the Jewish population; it has been around since the 1960s. The facilities that have been infiltrated have become centralized locations for conducting their organization’s business, if not command and control pieces of their network. Part of this is having the facilities serve as technology control centers, such as satellite control. If their organization needed to create an illusion of authority and authenticity, they used these abilities and positions. If they call a governmental department or a professional the pseudo-affiliation that is garnered from these rouge footholds ensures their organization’s desired outcome with a high degree of probability. They continually rely on this perceived power or position to garner outcomes.

And equally importantly, they serve as places to showcase their perceived power to the outer layers of the onion, as well a recruitment tool. These facilities entice citizens at large and professionals. The people the victims create a relationship or an associations with are heavily recruited or they are wowed into coming into one of these facilities. The organization wants to influence them in every way possible, while ensuring desired comments or responses. They will hear the organization’s less-than-one-sided view, which is the only view heard. A known practice of their organization is approaching or recruiting almost everyone the victim comes into contact with both professionally and socially. This creates several major vulnerabilities for the victim that are discussed elsewhere within this document.
The inability to sue and protections are for the unwitting victims that does not know that people are monitoring them 24/7 through the many decades. The product that is put in, on, and around the victim dictates that monitoring without the victim awareness is a certainty, some of products are for this sole purpose, such as the EU wire that is embedded with the KA OO wire in the human body. The following statements would be common place in such a situation:
  • They are all in their hip pocket
  • It is a fix
  • Those burgers are rotten lets go for chicken
  • That doctor does not know what he is doing and should be sued
Their organization has professionals that are directly and indirectly affiliated with their organization who use illegal “CONINTELPRO” type tactics, which are easily Googled. This country has experienced these types of scandals and highly illegal practices before. They are condemned and attract attention from the highest levels of government. An example is when one agency calls another and asks that they bring pressure to bear on an individual or organization and that investigative and investigative screws be tightened on a person or organization.

Their organization is a cult, and this is a very important dynamic of how they keep a lid on their organization’s illegal, immoral, unethical activities. They will use any behavior to get as many family members and friends of their organization’s members involved and affiliated with them as possible. This serves as a deterrent to members leaving or acting against the indoctrination and interests of the cult. At this point, members would be turning on so many people they have relationships with that it becomes far too difficult to oppose them.

If the member does leave, other cult members are in close toe attempting to get them back into the fold. Another factor is the technologies they employ that make it extremely difficult to free yourself from their grip. You see this in more public ways, such as when someone more recognizable leaves. Many times it is reported on the news that small groups of Scientologists are hanging around outside an apartment complex intimidating and harassing the former member, letting the member know there are always repercussions for letting cult information out.

It is extremely well-documented that if one cult member does not toe the line of the cult, than all their family members and other Scientologists must break all communication. This practice is called disconnecting. Mothers and fathers are known to be forced to never talk to their children again, because the children were not as committed to Scientology as the cult wanted.

Their organization’s biggest vulnerability and what damns them is decades of their shady behavior:
  • Clandestine involvement in the targeted individual’s life
  • Slandering of the victim in their community
  • Who they have approached and recruited through the decades
  • Workplace recruiting, telling people they have to get involved, look at who is involved. At times they will even list some of the titles that are involved.
  • When they were taking citizens to these places, there appear to be no repercussions for the slander, mudslinging, and say-anything approach. But the rules that they use are intended for the targeted individuals, not them. This is because of two very important reasons. The first is the lifelong clandestine involvement in the victims’ lives, which is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, monitoring every word, thought, and idea. Second, there is a context to statements made in the most intimate parts of someone’s life