I am being preempted with an aggressive no holds barred attempt to keep the programs that target the population concealed.

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Convictions U.S. Supreme Corut and world courts - link In U.S. v. Heldt, the facts showed that church personnel{Scientology}had secreted a documentary evidence of crime, committed illegal break-ins and theft, electronically bugged government offices, lied to federal investigators and a grand jury suborned perjury, forcibly restrained, kidnapped, handcuffed and gagged a potential adverse witness, and formulated conspiracies to obstruct justice, steal government property, burglarize, bug, harbor fugitives from justice, and commit and spurn perjury before the grand jury. In a memorandum urging stiff sentences for the Scientologists, federal prosecutors wrote, “The crime committed by these defendants is of breadth and scope previously unheard of. No building, office, desk or file was safe from their snooping and prying. No individual or organization was free from their despicable, conspiratorial minds. The tools of their trade were miniature transmitters, lock picks, secret codes, forged credentials, and any other device they found necessary to carry out their conspiratorial schemes.

Jewish Population Distress - link

The birth rate for Jews born between 1955 and 1985 is horrifically low. You commonly see in the U.S. “all” siblings from a household born between 1955 and 1985 without children. World bodies have researched the Jewish population problem; they have stated with the available data and with some degree of probability that the cause of this decline in population is assimilation. However, if this were true, the population would mirror the assimilated to population. Most troubling is the information is devoid of the programs that have targeted the Jewish populaiton. The birth rate is so low that there is a problem getting a measurable reading.

Those who are involved in the MK programs, which targets the Jewish population approach is to use a well-practiced mechanism to blacken those who might be able to cause scrutiny on their organization's behavior. All the while selling their less-than-one-sided view. They are also known to aggressively go after information, information sources, and victims they do not like or who are not in line with their party doctrine. Throughout the decades, their organization's propaganda machine has actively promoted anything that would deflect scrutiny, along with the idea that if someone questions this thinking, they are crazy. Our bodies are the evidence, first, we have the physiological harm from the Mk programs that targeted the Jewish population, second, we have been effected by a product known as ka-oo and Eu or 2la-sa polymer wire.

There are only 14 million Jews in the entire world. This number is grossly inflated, although world bodies who research the Jewish population problem use it, therefore it is used here with argument. This includes Israel and those with one Jewish parent. Currently, there are 2 Jews out of 1,000 people, even though there were 5 Jews out of 1,000 at the end of the Holocaust.

How they do it with technology, 2LaSa wire also called Koo oo and Eu polymer wire - link
They have put technologies in, on, or around us. Our bodies and our dead are the evidence.
Silicon powder
Readily available, although ENSURE it is unadulterated.
Use it liberally especially feet and legs.

Those witnessing - link
Something that has victims so unwittingly vulnerable it would be dead-on accurate to use the analogy of witnessing a person under the influence of a date rape drug being hurt, humiliated, embarrassed, or even sexually molested. Today we know it was a device, or technologies, that achieved the observed behaviors or lack of behaviors.

How they approach and recruit - link
When they approach to recruit you, they will often state something in line with "You have got to get involved in this thing," "Look at who else involved." Then they mention people with recognizable positions or faces. This is MK, they approach almost everybody the victim comes in contact with.

Gravity of Harm Inflicted on Victim - link
They are well aware that they are egregiously and adversely affecting the brain, mind, and body.

Law Enforcement - link
Local law enforcement command structures know about MK. If they do not know, the state law enforcement command structure or another municipality will be aware.

Proprietary loss, thief of my words, thoughts, and ideas - link
  • Their organization and personal involvement in my life through the decades
  • The paper trail I have of wrong doing
  • As well as MK
  • They perpetually attempt to weaken proprietarily and personally so their less than one sided view is the only view heard. At this point there is no counter to their organization’s well known, documented, and practiced deceit and fraud. And, then they will begin to lay claim to my words, thoughts, and ideas. When they go down this path their members become less cloaked within the larger whole, especially when their organization infiltrated that larger whole. They become the epi-center of the information flow, with an overtone of now being entitled to our proprietary rights. Why do they in anyway as organization, or individuals have the ability to block, edit, and filter the information in anyway.

    The following part is under construction:

    Rough draft: During the 1950s and 1960s, prejudice was directed toward anyone other than White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, which allowed accepted and expected built-in prejudice within society. It was easy to mask something that was ill-intended within this prevailing attitude. The government was involved in finding a place to hide MK, while planning on getting a lot of people involved in the MK program. The officials who were involved were at the highest levels of government. They were living in their time and pushing the envelope of bigotry for the worse, in a spectrum that ranged from dislike to an outright fear and hatred.

    Direct government involvement in the fifties and sixties meant MK was deliberately anchored within churches. This was done because it provided a smoke screen, and made it easy to find and recruit those who would adhere to and disseminate the MK doctrine. This caused churches to form a permanent radical culture, and hijacked religious tenets, which acted in concert with the MK doctrine. These institutions in the U.S. were mainly segregated, and desegregation was in its infancy. There was little resistance such as you would certainly find today, due to the level that was ensuring the transition .

    For African-Americans, this was a denial of the level playing field and full participation that we demand today. For Jews, it resulted in horrific physiological harm in order to limit the growth of that population. MK was primarily involved ensuring that the Jewish population was clandestinely “cut back” to what those who spearheaded MK defined as an acceptable number: less than a million.

    This led to a common practice of unspeakable behaviors of inflicting harm on newborns to adults. Permanent harm was willfully inflicted on the unwitting victim’s brain, mind, and body in the quest to control population growth. It was so wildly successful that it continued wholesale through the decades, literally in assembly-line fashion. It was not disseminated due to the need to accomplish the goal of catastrophically affecting the Jewish population. Those who are aware are involved from actually physically inflicting the harm to cutting off any potential for scrutiny if complained about.

    I am working on their perpetual covering. I have often used the mailbox example in my work to convey how they after the fact get something or someone to cover.